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Jack operation method

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Jack operation method
Latest company news about Jack operation method

1, Before use must check each part is normal.
2, When using, should strictly abide by the rules of main parameters and high overload of avoid by all means, otherwise when lifting height or lifting tonnage in excess of the prescribed, oil cylinder top serious leak happens.
3, Such as manual pump body oil shortage, should first to join in the pump should be adequately filtered N33 # hydraulic oil to work.
4 Please refer to the electric pump, electric pump operation instruction.
5, And heavy center of gravity to choose moderate, reasonable choice of jack, underside to cushion flat, want to consider hard and soft ground conditions at the same time, whether to the resilience of the wood liner, place whether smooth, to avoid weight subsidence or tilt.

6, Jack will clog jack-up, adhesion will immediately with heavy support and firm, it is forbidden to jack used as support. If you need long time to support the weight, please choose.
7, If you need a few jack lifting at the same time, besides should correctly put jack, many top diverter valve should be used, and each jack load should be balanced, keep the hoisting speed synchronization. Must also consider possible due to the weight unevenness of the ground subsidence, prevent dangerous in tilting and lifting objects created.
8, When using manual pump first quick connector and docking, and then choose the right position, the oil drain screw tightening on the oil pump, can get a job. To make the piston rod drop, the manual oil pump slightly unscrew the handwheel counterclockwise direction, unloading oil cylinder, the piston rod is decreasing. Otherwise falling too fast will produce risk.
9, Separate jack spring reset structure, after the hoisting, can quickly take out, but do not use connect the hose to pull jack.
10, Because jack lifting stroke is small, the user must not exceed the rated stroke when using, so as not to damage the jack.
11, In use process should avoid violent vibration of jack.
12, Inappropriate in acid and alkali, corrosive gases used in the workplace.
13, According to user usage for regular inspection and maintenance.

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